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Our Solutions Goal

The Challenge

Companies moving to new territories to start business find themselves faced with numerous challenges rather than focus on their core business.  These challenges include;

  • Business & Operational issues; Human Resources - finding Legal experts, Direct liability risks such as corruption, Regulatory compliance, Logistics - Import/Export problems, and Security concerns.

  • Financing; Supplier management, asset & estate management, trust issues;

  • Service quality and delivery uncertainties

Our Solution

We de-risk companies’ operations in new territories with a tailored platform of outsourced services to enable them hit the ground running from day Zero.

  • Complexity reduction; Defined and reduce number of Business procedures

  • Time saved; Reduced number of days to complete business procedures

  • Reduced and predictable costs; Reduced Cost of doing business

  • Assured Service availability; Better Services against Infrastructure deficits, such as Power, Security

Our Promise

  • We promise our Clients consistent and predictable service delivery that they know and used to.

  • We help our Client`s businesses transition into their host country with less pain, cost and time

Our Advantage

Acquiring the experience to deliver consistent service in the most difficult terrains is a challenge. Quantum Servitek Promoters have a tested & proven experience to deliver consistent and quality SLA-backed services to its customers across 165 countries worldwide including Sub-Saharan Africa.


While they are existing companies offering similar services, there are none that combines the range of services we have in our Bouquet with a goal to deliver consistent and unified customer service experience outcome.

We have a team of certified experts with years of experience to deliver high quality services consistent with global standards and with the efficiency of being a German-based company.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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