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Business & Technical


IT Services

Securely connect to your Enterprise Systems from anywhere

We deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions to fit the business outcomes you desire.  Our Internet IT services includes a 24/7 365 days support and managed services network operating center. Our multilingual dispatch desk supports English, French, German, and Chinese languages. 

DeRisk IT outsourcing services, includes connectivity services, software as a service and cloud-enabled outsourcing.  We also help our clients to develop the right sourcing strategies and vision, select the right IT OEM & third party service providers, structure the best possible contracts, and govern deals for sustainable win-win relationships with external providers.

The goal of our outsourcing services is to enable enterprises to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and take advantage of external expertise, assets and intellectual property.

Our Next-Gen Data Management & Automation platform called 'DACS' (digital A.I. Cloud System) enables DeRisk to help companies in their digitalisation transformation goal, by focusing on automating day-to-day operational activities and providing complete visual insight into their business.  

IT Support Services

  • 24/7 365 days dispatch and network operating center.

  • End user computing, Data Center support

  • Multi-lingual support staff

  • Connectivity & Secure connection aggregation service

  • Online and eCommerce Services; including payment gateways

  • IT Services; Staging, imaging, startup

  • IT Services; ERP integration

  • IT End-User Cloud Services

Supply Chain Automation

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Smart Contracts creation and enforcement

  • Near real-time transaction monitoring

  • Payment Automation

  • ERP Integration

Business Intelligence

  • Tools

    • Data extraction and transformation

    • Unstructured Data to Structured Data

    • Data Mining and Analytics

    • Master Data Management

    • Bots automation

    • Big Data

    • Machine learning

    • Deep Learning

  • Supply Chain Analytics​

  • Logistics and Inventory Analytics

  • Market, Sales and Customer Analytics

  • Financial Analytics

  • Procurement Analytics

  • Human Resources Analytics

Supplier Management & Procurement

Pre-screened suppliers at your fingertips

DeRisk supplier relationship management solutions integrates at the core of your Enterprise strategic operations.  The aim is to lower your risk of using many external vendors, while enjoying the benefit of lower costs and profitability improvement.  DeRisk takes all the background work that goes into establishing and maintaining those relationships, which can be a considerable drain on resources and time.

From office supplies to the equipment needed to run the machines that produce your company’s core products, it’s very likely that your organization needs to work with outside vendors or suppliers  on a day-to-day basis. Obtaining the equipment and supplies your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently requires more than simply placing an order now and then.

Outsourcing your supplier relationship management to DeRisk needs means that you can have the best of both worlds. You can reduce your operational risks, get the best price on products and services and take advantage of an established, on-going relationship with your most important suppliers. You also get to see things from the supplier’s point of view, which can improve negotiations and make it more likely that you can reach an agreement that works to everyone’s best advantage. Working with DeRisk means that you aren’t spending time or money that could have been better used towards growing your business on managing your suppliers.

deRisk International FX Rate alerts and firm orders help you grab cost-saving exchange rates, automatically. Do you know the exchange rate you want to pay but don't have time to watch the markets, or you want to make a purchase at the lowest exchange rate? Use deRisk international payment FX rate alert service to find that ideal rate and help you grab a cost-saving opportunity.

Use our "firm order" service to have deRisk book the order as soon as the exchange rates fall to to your desired exchange value to get the best deal possible on imports.

Staffing and HRM

Get Access to thousands of Experts across the Globe

DeRisk staff augmentation services are as innovative as our customer’s talent needs.


As seasoned experts in providing Professional Staffing and IT Outsourcing Solutions for leading businesses, we have perfected an innovative and rigorous recruiting engine and staffing management. Our customers rely on us to deliver skilled experts and robust team members who contribute to business success. Unlike others, our staff solution is fully a managed service with SLA. Our Staff just reports to your site and focuses on your jobs while we fully manage their onsite presence requirements on a daily basis.

From developers and engineers and to project managers, accountants and help desk support, we recruit and place veteran and sought-after business professionals whose unique skills will augment the teams they join.


Our skills-focus includes IT, Engineering, Scientific, Healthcare Finance, Professional and Customer/Desktop Support. We have seasoned teams of recruiters who focus by industry and skill, ensuring the best engagement for our customer. DeRisk staffing and HRM solutions offers staffs skilled individuals and teams of professionals in the following roles:

  • Contract-based

  • Contract-to-hire

  • Direct hire

Transport and Logistics

Access to shortlisted People and Haulage Transport Providers.

DeRisk Services, your Logistics Partner

As a logistics service provider, DeRisk is well experienced in the areas of:

  • Transport and Fleet management,

  • Customs clearance,

  • logistics consulting,

  • warehousing and other related areas.

Outsourcing your Logistics to DeRisk Services.

Logistics is a complex process and closely linked to business success. Logistics is used in B2B, B2C, e-commerce and wholesale. Not every successful company is a logistics specialist at the same time. The development of a company's own structures devours valuable time and resources. A competent partner such DeRisk who maintains an overview and ensures reliable handling of all processes is worth its weight in gold. This applies to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to medium-sized companies and producers to global players. As a rule, an own fleet of vehicles is too inflexible for companies.

  • Save costs: Logistics outsourcing from DeRisk saves costs, time and space.

  • Use expert knowledge: Logistics specialists such as DeRisk have industry-specific know-how and experience. This applies to warehousing, transport management and customs clearance.

  • Companies benefit from DeRisk experience and knowledge: With the help of professional logistics service providers such as DeRisk, you can fulfil customer wishes and offer top service.

  • Increase customer satisfaction: The professional handling of shipping and logistics ensures a high degree of satisfaction with the company's services.

  • Increase turnover: In the long term, customer satisfaction has a positive effect on the company's turnover.

  • Concentrate on your core business: In addition, logistics professionals can free up company employees to concentrate on their core business.

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