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Over Land Logistics

Freight transport and logistics services includes:


Transport and forwarding

  • Road transport companies

  • Forwarding agents

  • Railways

  • Combined transport organizations

Linking Transport companies, railways, suppliers of intermodal transport, freight forwarders —all of the services converge here where the focus is on transport over land. We offer the latest solutions for Global container transport over land.

Whether you need road transport, rail transport, or both, our land shipping solutions will get your shipments wherever they need to be, punctually and reliably. It doesn’t matter if you need a single parcel shipment or want us to manage your entire surface supply chain. Our land transport fleet can move any goods to any location.


Our freight shipping products have ensured the success of millions of ground shipments. With a track-record for quality and timely transportation, your products will be in safe hands.


Maritime logistics

  • Inland shipping companies

  • Ocean shipping lines (container transport, roll-on/roll-off transport, bulk cargo, refrigerated cargo, short-sea shipping), sea freight services

  • Inland ports

  • Maritime ports

We offer optimised maritime transport services, transshipment and warehousing, as well as hinterland connections. Leverage our network of shipping companies, inland ports, maritime ports, container companies and other maritime service-providers from all over the world.



Air freight

  • Airlines

  • Airports

  • Services for the air-cargo industry

Our Global Air Freight services is built around time-sensitive delivery chains. 



Logistics services

  • Express, parcel, postal and courier services

  • Special deliveries, same-day services

  • E-commerce service providers, fulfillment

  • Logistics service providers

  • Waste disposal logistics, recycling

  • Heavy haulage, project cargo

A whole host of services offering, our special logistics solutions tailored for the individual customer, such as heavy haulage, ecommerce solutions, recycling services or same-day delivery, asset location services.  



Services for the logistics industry

  • Charter brokers

  • General Sales Agents

  • Consulting, planning, logistics consulting

  • Organizations, trade associations

  • Filling-station credit cards, fuels, AdBlue technology

  • Banks, insurance companies, customs, customs clearance, toll

  • Leasing and rental companies

  • Container hire and leasing companies

  • Personnel leasing/personnel service

  • Training for careers in transport and logistics


We offer a bouquet of services including, support in customs matters, finance and insurance issues, help with recruitment, container hire and fleet management. Also helping you put together proposals and presentations; charter brokers, general sales agents and logistics consulting offices, as well as leading trade associations and organizations within the logistics industry.


Services for intralogistics

  • Transshipment, warehouse and cargo handling companies

  • Packaging companies

  • Pallet logistics, loading-equipment suppliers

We focus on intralogistics loading equipment, packaging, warehousing, transshipment and cargo handling and services for pallet logistics.

Logistics locations

  • Infrastructure providers

  • Logistics real estate

  • Freight centres/terminal operators

“Location, location, location"! When there is a shortage of space for example in industrial parks, the right location with good transport links can be a critical competitive advantage. Leverage on our network of big logistics real estate developers as well as infrastructure operators, freight villages and terminal operators, logistics centers, hubs and multi-user warehouses.



Other Services

  • Security services

  • Advertising services

  • Truck models/promotional items

  • Occupational clothing, equipment

  • Trade/specialty literature





Research and development


  • Data Anayltics

  • Software development

  • Universities, Insitutions, and Academia


Extensive industry studies for the purpose of Market or technological reasearch, data collation, and data analytics.

Universities and institutions that are involved in applied research and bringing together science and day-to-day business practice in logistics are exhibiting here. Research and projects form the basis for groundbreaking innovations in logistics.

Transport and forwarding
Maritime Logistics
Air Freight
Logistics Services
Services for Logistics Companies
Services for intralogistics
Logisitcs locations
Other transport services
Research & Dev
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